RCE Advanced Examination

Harwell ARS (G3PIA) have been asked to facilitate a RCE Advanced exam. We are contacting you to see if you would like to take the exam on either of the following dates: Sunday 18 September at 1400hrs or Sunday 25 September at 1400hrs.

Both would be held at the Didcot Guide Hall. The cost would be the exam fee of £37.50 plus the cost of the hall and other expenses shared equally amongst the candidates.

If you are interested then you will need to have paid the money for the exam by Monday 15 August, at the latest, in order to be registered for the exam. The offer is just to take the exam with no formal help or tuition beforehand but we can supply you with our own club on-line support.

If you are interested please send an email to info@g3pia.org.uk with your preferred date and whether or not you can manage the alternative as we can only run one. Do not pay any money at this stage.