National Field Day at G5LO/P, 2010

Blog post by Peter, 2E0SQL, first published at

The weekend is coming to an end after playing host to the annual CW national field day, although not really being a CW operator like normal I helped the Oxford & District ARS setup for the event from late Friday afternoon to get the antennas setup and ready for operating and also got a bit sun burnt due to the lovely weather that day.

National Field Day

Field Day Station View

Then returned back during Saturday while Dad (M3JFM) and myself were out cycling enjoying the Oxfordshire/Edge of Buckinghamshire country side, most of the station was finally setup when we arrived although the generator died just as we arrived on site 2 hours before the contest started thankfully we managed to get one hour before the start, returning home later that evening via a pub stop to refuel for the 10miles cycle home.

National Field Day

Friday team busy at work!

During the weekend I also managed with the help of MixW to work 38 field day stations mixed across 80/40/20/15/10m which I was more then happy with, hopefully next year will be just as good!

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