Construction Competition, 2014

Congratulations to Ernesto, M6ATD, on winning the 2014 Construction Competition – his second construction competition win in less than five years!  The cup was presented by last year’s winner Brian Hawes.

Tuesday evening showed that some members still have soldering irons and know how to use them! Five excellent examples were exhibited:

  • A one valve receiver, which was a reproduction of a model build in the past, by Mark
  • A reproduction of the wartime “telephone book” transceiver by Ernesto
  • Two entries from Brian, his high performance crystal set and a power amplifier for 2m.
  • A high power filter for 40m from Colin.

Ernesto won this time, and took away the cup. Perhaps we should have given him an isolating transformer as well as his project was an AC/DC design!

2014 Construction Competition winner Ernesto with previous year's winner Brian Hawes
2014 Construction Competition winner Ernesto with previous year’s winner Brian Hawes