Marconi Day at the Museum of the History of Science, 21 April 2018

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Many thanks to all of you who helped to make it go well on Saturday. I think everything went to plan, the FT-950 generated and decoded FT-8 signals, Morse code was as popular as ever, Brian’s historical apparatus worked impressively too. I know Colin had some issues with the aerial, but then, don’t we always! We had a steady steam of visitors and many engaged with us. I spoke to an amateur from the USA, and another visitor was going to text a friend in Finland to try and contact us. I even spoke to someone who said he was Marconi’s cousin! It was great to see David Walker, G3BLS there too.

Liz’s talk on women in radio telegraphy was interesting and well received, and people looked like they were listening to me on Marconi as well.

I believe we made around 25 contacts on FT-8 and 2 on CW (thanks Colin). I do have the log in ADIF format and I’ll translate it into human readable and distribute shortly. Robyn, the MHS Public Amazement Officier, took many photos which she will share with us. Anyone else who has good shots of just the ODARS team (no public) please sent to Mark for the web site.

Thanks again to everyone who helped make it happen.


Ken, M1SLH