Ken Taylor, M1SLH, on FT-8 digital mode, 21 November 2017

On 21 November 2017, Ken Taylor, M1SLH, gave a talk about FT-8 Digital Mode.

FT-8 digital mode
FT-8 digital mode

In July of this year a new digital mode was added to the well known WSJT suite of software for weak signal contacts. It is very sensitive and particularly fast, each exchange taking less than 15 seconds, and has become extremely popular.

Using forward error correction, advanced signal processing techniques and a very narrow bandwidth it had proved an easy and reliable way of making DX contacts on HF under less than favourable conditions as we slide down the sunspot cycle.

This talk centres on setting up and operating using FT8, without delving too much into the technicalities of how it does it. It is also planned to give a live demonstration. As several members have already been using the mode for a while, there will, no doubt, be an exchange of tips and tricks afterwards.