The Gliwice Radio Tower by Phil Miller Tate M1GWZ, 19 September 2017

Gliwice Radio Tower
Image available by Andrzej Jarczewski at Polish Wikipedia

There were nine members present, one visitor who later joined, and our guest speaker Phil Miller Tate M1GWZ from Walton on Thames. Several apologies for absence were received.

Phil’s topic was the Gliwice radio station, now in Poland. Originally constructed as a medium wave broadcast station in the 1930’s, it is famous for it’s wooden tower, tallest in the world, probably, and
a botched attack on it by the German SS pretending to be Polish insurgents, giving Hitler an excuse for invading in 1939. It was a thoroughly interesting talk and delivered in an entertaining manner.

Today the station is a museum, and the larch wood tower still survives, held together with brass bolts replacing the original stone hardware. The tower now supports mobile phone antennae, and a low power FM station on 93.4MHz, for any FMDX fans.

We also welcomed James, M0JHF (also K0FOZ) from Cumnor, who has joined ODARS.

The next club meeting will be on Tuesday 3rd October.